Eight months in industry

Last year, after a particularly discouraging interaction regarding my department’s willingness to support me in applying for grants, I made the half-crazed move of googling ‘mental health research jobs near me’. I found a company that looked good, clicked on their contact page, uploaded my CV and told them I’m looking for a job. My … [Read more…]

Problems in translation in right-brain communication

An important problem in psychological research is how to use findings from basic cognitive neuroscience to form an idea about what goes on in an individual. This step from cognitive experimental research to individual differences has been described as uncharted territory decades ago [1], and not enough intervening methodological work has been dedicated to working … [Read more…]

Mental health disservices

When people become chronically distressed, their first port of call is usually their GP. A lot of the time, maybe even most of the time, people will initially come with vague physical complaints [1]. Headaches, dizziness, a digestive tract that doesn’t work as smoothly as it could. After some searching, if physical causes are eventually … [Read more…]

Going into industry

Spoiler alert: I didn’t. But I thought about it long and hard. My reasons include a mix of the usual and unusual. I struggled to stay afloat moving from country to country and from job to job during some exceptionally difficult childbearing years. The stress took so much out of me that I no longer … [Read more…]